first attempt in typeface design-post

We had this 4 days workshop course where we had to design typeface (or well, just few letters because UHH FOUR DAYS) from handwritten text. My results are not very good, but I hardly ever feel pride of my schoolwork anyway. However, handwritten text isn't half-bad!

Next step was to scan it and start vectoring in Fontlab Studio. I admit, it's kind of fun. But it's easy to lose sight when you start adding ends to the letters and varying the original form. The idea wasn't to design very modern font what comes to form, more like classic antique like Garamond.

We were told that it would be perfectly ok if we managed to just design N, O, V and A so that they'd look good but...I guess I got confused about the information and well, I worked with n-o-v-a for longer than the others and to me it shows since they look more fat than the other letters. GAAH. What comes to A though it looks kind of ridiculous with that tail. Last moment adds haha. At least, for some reason, since this is rather silly looking by default, I like how it looks when used in this poetic text I made up in last 15 minutes.

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