Meet Bob-Eye

Something I doodled during a lecture. For some reason I thought its name should be Bob, but since it's probably a species I'll call it Bob-Eye. 

The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary finished

Hmm nevermind, I accidentally the whole pic before due date!


The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary sneak peek

I couldn't fit NEARLY all characters in the preview! HAHA
ps. it's a puzzle here but the real one's not.

My favorite game series and long time fandom celebrates its 25th anniversary in Februrary 21st, and even though I participate in another secret as well, I wanted to draw something of my own.

I also drew the lineart with tablet for the first time in AGES. I hate drawing linearts in photoshop, but then I found this beautiful program called Paint Tool Sai, which is very friendly for my hands and has great default collection of different brushes. And also this vector-painting tool, which was great for drawing Hylian Shield decorations for example. 

If I counted right, it has exactly 25 characters in it! I tried to include at least one character from each game in the series. I'll hope to submit the ready version at the Feb 21st.

Some suggestion for the coloring style would be nice too, whether I should keep it simple with cell-shading, or make it digitally painted?


we are the night

It doesn't look very original even though I just tried to get hang of illustrator on my own. It's kind of pale and unintended imitation of popular finnish design I guess :P



I'm not particularly fan of illustrator works, since they tend to be to clean and tidy to my tastes, and I guess it's even worse when people do illustrations in Illustrator, and slap some fake vector brushes and textures to it...but I appreciate them when they're well done (it's just that I'm such an oldschool traditional medium fan that I make all kinda excuses, sorry)! Simple designs tend to look better to my eye, when it's about Illustrator.


Mega Man tribute sneak peek

I managed to pull off a picture for UDON's Mega Man Tribute artbook http://megamantribute.com/ after all. I was in total hurry though, so it would've needed more time, but I'm happy I managed to submit something, even though it's unlikely it gets picked. 

Manga Café mascot suggestions

Currently one of its kind café in Finland, Manga Café, is holding a competition for sort of new mascot or website emblem (or well, the site claims vaguely it's a 'logo design' competition which it isn't if they're asking for a drawing). What I made was for my own enjoyment and illustrator practice (I almost like you, illu. ALMOST) but I thought that why not, I'll suggest it for them even though it's very different from their current 'look': http://mangacafe.fi/
Aand frankly imagining how I could improve their look it got kind of out of hand in my head!

I even started sketching an actual logo for them (drawing is not a logo, dammit! NEITHER IS THAT PAPYRUS-LIKE FONT THEY GOT GOING) and even at the risk of sounding like a complete douche, I sent them email where I told I could help improving their image for free, as kind of a project. It's also kind of stupid of me to suggest something like that, since I'm just a student and I have never designed a complete logo or identity for anyone, but I'll never learn if I don't do things I guess!