The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary sneak peek

I couldn't fit NEARLY all characters in the preview! HAHA
ps. it's a puzzle here but the real one's not.

My favorite game series and long time fandom celebrates its 25th anniversary in Februrary 21st, and even though I participate in another secret as well, I wanted to draw something of my own.

I also drew the lineart with tablet for the first time in AGES. I hate drawing linearts in photoshop, but then I found this beautiful program called Paint Tool Sai, which is very friendly for my hands and has great default collection of different brushes. And also this vector-painting tool, which was great for drawing Hylian Shield decorations for example. 

If I counted right, it has exactly 25 characters in it! I tried to include at least one character from each game in the series. I'll hope to submit the ready version at the Feb 21st.

Some suggestion for the coloring style would be nice too, whether I should keep it simple with cell-shading, or make it digitally painted?

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