Manga Café mascot suggestions

Currently one of its kind café in Finland, Manga Café, is holding a competition for sort of new mascot or website emblem (or well, the site claims vaguely it's a 'logo design' competition which it isn't if they're asking for a drawing). What I made was for my own enjoyment and illustrator practice (I almost like you, illu. ALMOST) but I thought that why not, I'll suggest it for them even though it's very different from their current 'look': http://mangacafe.fi/
Aand frankly imagining how I could improve their look it got kind of out of hand in my head!

I even started sketching an actual logo for them (drawing is not a logo, dammit! NEITHER IS THAT PAPYRUS-LIKE FONT THEY GOT GOING) and even at the risk of sounding like a complete douche, I sent them email where I told I could help improving their image for free, as kind of a project. It's also kind of stupid of me to suggest something like that, since I'm just a student and I have never designed a complete logo or identity for anyone, but I'll never learn if I don't do things I guess!


  1. I think your suggestion to them is pretty sensible, as they WOULD kinda need some work...myself, I can live with the rest, but the persisting spelling errors drive me up a wall... X,D

  2. spelling errors huh :D I don't know about the kanjis on the website, although my friend seemed to facepalm at them a bit, and I too think it's a bit unnecessary to try to write japanese anywhere there unless one of the owners was really japanese. I just think that yes of course japanese writing relates to manga, but it doesn't give any impression of 'authentic' what it drives for. The café is FINNISH for finnish people and in the eyes of a foreigner I think adding japanese writing here and there looks lame. What comes to finnish or english translation of the site, I haven't read the site very carefully, but if there's really so many errors, that's just very...sloppy