Long time ago, beast was sealed in the depths of a golden temple, for she had angered the gods. Before dying of her bitterness and sadness, she laid an egg. From that egg, forgotten child was born, after dreaming for half a century.

I do some drafts of writing at the times, this a snippet from one text I wrote about this picture. The girl who hatched from an egg, I call Reed.

...."– I lived in a house, though I know that house doesn't exist outside the shell, it was still my house. I grew up there, in my own dream house. In a dream time stretched to every direction, but in the middle of it all, there stood my tiny house. You say you are never tired or hungry in a dream, but I knew those feelings. As indefinite as my world was within the egg, I'm happy my mother was always by my side, as my guide.

…I have lived just like you, but not in this world with these feet, hands and brains of mine. I can't return to my world no more." Reed turned her eyes on the ground and rocked on her chair. Floor was creaking under her feet.

Fey coughed. –"You mean, the egg?" Scratching the back of his head, uncertain of how to position himself he paused and sighed: – "of course you can't go back. You were born, I suppose…though, certainly you were born before that like…like people are born."

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