Girl and the Jackdaw

I've always liked jackdaws, you see them all around in Helsinki too. Crow-birds are said to be very intelligent yet there are all kind of legends tied to them, mostly said to be ill omens, related to death and sickness. I find them fascinating and beautiful in every way. 

I came up with this princess character, who is most likely rather lonely in her palace with no siblings to play with, and unallowed to leave the grounds, of course. One day she finds out a jackdaw has been carrying out tiny jewels and valuables from the vaults of the palace to his nest. As expected, guards and knights are told to shoot the bird at sight, but the princess is impressed by the freedom and bravery of the bird, so she tells him she can give her any treasure he wants, but no longer to steal, or otherwise they'd kill him. 
The jackdaw is taken aback by her concern, but tells her instead: "It was never the jewels or crowns I wanted, but the thrill of finding them. Now that I know where to find them and how to get them, I am no longer interested."
Before the jackdaw takes flight, the princess shouts after him;
"Let's find more treasures together."

And, together they hunted for all kind of treasures, nothing of value to knights and kings, but still more precious than anything you could find from castle vaults.

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