Watercolor deities

Many great spirits live in all corners of world, one greatest of them being the Forest Deity, sent to protect the life in the woods of the world.He was once grand and agile, and where ever he ran free, the forests would grow and prosper. He met his wife and had many strong and beautiful children who were also spirits and became habitants of the forests around the world.Those times are long since. As time passed by, and though he was still grand and thought to be the most wisest of the deities upon the world, he had started to live in solitary. Time had slowed down. The days of the young forests and countless springs seemed like nothing but memories. He no longer runs, but spends his days resting, dreaming. Sometimes rarely seen, he strolls silently in the oldest of the forests of the world.

As much as fierce and noble ancient race of the dragons prefer not to have any business with the mankind, their duty has always been to deliver messages between the upper world and the land.
According to the belief among the men, the bones and organs of the dragon possess medicinal powers.

According to creation myth, he raised the waves that flushed over the lands and made them fertile.

A spirit who carries the souls of deceased children over the sea. Its destination is unknown. Sometimes sailors have caught glimpse of tiny glimmers of the souls on its back far in horizon.
These are all from December - January 2010–2011. 

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